The best action movies have in common

Action movies are one of the most popular genres for Hollywood studios. Although sometimes expensive to do, if done well, but they all guarantee large numbers at the box office. I always find it amazing that so bad action movies still get the green light when the recipe for a good action movie is pretty easy to find. Let’s discuss, shall we?

With the word “action” right to a name like that, it’s pretty obvious that this is the number one element of the best action movies. Of course, this does not mean that you can only throw a bunch of car chases and shootouts in the movie and call it a day. No, the public is a little more demanding than that.

Seeing action film today has been around since the 70s, the public has seen it all before. What we are now looking for something original, or at least an idea that is taken to the next level. In a word, action should now be well thought out and orchestrated so that they misled the public.

But it is a good action movie without a hero to you? We want to see a hero who can be identified, which could almost if not for the fact that we love our life a little too comfortable. The hero of a big action movie still has the right combination of courage, bravery and sensitivity. Not only take care of it, we have to root for the hero to win at all costs.

Of course, if you go to a great hero, then you need a villain so awesome to go against. Villains are sometimes more important than the hero. Some bad guys are really bad hero, a decision or two away from being the good guy. The best villains are portrayed as real people with real problems, not only an autonomous robot that wants to destroy the world.

These films are intended to set a frantic pace for us to follow. The best action films are capable of making us feel like we were on the edge of our seats throughout the film, thinking that we barely have time to catch their breath before being transported into another glorious action sequence. While we can forgive a manager to want to tell a little story back or the introduction of a love story, we really need to pop the film along without giving us the opportunity to feel comfortable.

Although some might argue that this next element is not absolutely necessary, I think in the high tech world today is naive to think that everything will be great movie without some special effects. The problem I have with some special effects is being thrown to hide the fact that there is really no other factors that make a good movie. When a director of special effects used should be looking for ways to improve the story, do no harm.

Although there are other things that kind of action movies have in common, I think those are the big five. The next time you look at what you think is one of the best action movies you have seen, to see if all the items I’ve mentioned here are present.

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