The cabin in the woods

the cabin wood

We’ve all seen horror movies where a group of young friends decided to take a weekend in the woods or another isolated area. They almost always consist of characters like the athlete, the fox, the black and the virgin. Not only that, but it gets to such a point that you can predict a lot of what will happen. The cabin in the woods has some of those same qualities and characters you used to see, but it’s a bit different … or maybe very different.

In the cabin in the woods, five friends decide to get together and go to a remote log cabin in the woods during the weekend. It all starts as you would expect, but it does not last when strange things begin to fall. Now these friends are in a struggle for their life because they are hoping to escape the dangers of alcohol and come home before it is too late.

The cabin in the woods is a movie that does not even explain early because it runs right in the middle of everything that happens. This is done on purpose, since, obviously, they do not want to be known at this stage. As for the consequences in the plot and that is out, I could guess a bit what happens only by watching the publicity. Even then, I was unable to predict most of what I would like to see.

At first glance, you will wonder what really are some people and what they mean for the story. As the movie progresses, you will discover the story and what happens in time. At your own pace, they allow everything to be carefully unpacked for us piece by piece during this time and I guarantee you will not receive any on your own. In many cases, I do not think many people can understand what is happening until it has finally been indicated at the right time.

The movie is a bit of fresh air, even if they used a lot of things that were made in horror movies on several occasions. There is a lot of blood and gore and they even have some of these characters in stereotypical scary movies. The difference with the cabin in the woods is that it takes a lot of these things and adds several unique and / or unusual aspects to the film as a whole. They even found a way to inject a small amount of Japanese terror.

The characters themselves are a mixture of comic and serious people who are connected to history. Almost all are lively and enjoyable, regardless of their category. The mixture of comedy and gravity of different people in the film integrates perfectly with the violence and general concept of the film.

If you have read the section About me / contact, you know to do everything possible not to include spoilers in my comments. This review is no exception, but it explains for a reason. One absolute critical reason why this movie succeeds is because of the things I did not let myself talk about in this review. I would like to point out some more details about the plot of the film, but I would appreciate it too much for some people with regard to surprises.

I would like to say that the cabin in the woods is a fun and absorbing movie, because you do not know in what situation it will materialize for these children. It is also aided by the fact that the entire film is made with a good amount of energy. Like any other horror movie, it was not scary for me. I like it, though, and it’s a strong movie that the horror genre will benefit from having. You can say that the people behind the making of this movie put a lot of effort into what they brought to the big screen and it is something I respect and appreciate as a movie fan.

A movie full of common places that are often used can be considered as a bad attribute in many cases. Really true in most cases, but for movies like The Cabin in the Woods or even 21 Jump Street, this argument is not supported at all. They took common products and converted them into themselves by adding new concepts and embracing what made these great films of specific genres. If more movies with the same stories and plots were like that, the movie world would be much better.

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