The importance of public relations for online music and EDM Urban Music Artists

In today’s world , it seems that everyone wants to be a singer, rapper , producer, etc, the list goes on and on , but it has not always been made ​​possible by the masses due to the restriction , such as finding a label to sign you, and once to find a label for a contract that allows the artist to have creative control they desire. However, for some time , the music industry began to evolve , therefore impossible possible and very down to two main things , the rise of the independent record label and the birth of Web 2.0 , it is now possible for all world with the musician or record label owner .

Now is no longer necessary for musicians, so this it a firm contender label either independently or greater. With the birth of Web 2.0 , it is possible that the artist is evident in its market with the use of online tools to draw a form of public relations strategy . We are no longer limited to hear new artists on radio play and new sections of the record store artist . In society today everyone agrees with their own individual online presence that allows them to interact with the masses through the use of social media , including social networks , websites and applications . This now means that as an artist who has a range of public , as there are no limits for distribution.

A couple of the British artist , we see that the same use online PR within the urban scene includes people , Wiley, Skepta , JME , Lethal Bizzle and the list goes on . These artists use social media , including Twitter , Facebook and the official sites to interact with fans and keep them updated on new releases , tours , contests , availability of goods and also to show the world that they are human beings through regular interaction and conversation with their fan base .

Lethal Bizzle is a British artist and entrepreneur is an excellent example of how online PR to be used by all the artists and record labels to give more visibility to your market and generate revenue. Bizzle 30 , of Walthamstow , London has been on the urban scene since 2002 , but managed to stay in hiding until 2004 when he released prisoner of war who entered the UK Singles Chart at number 11 in its first week on the chart in 2005 and it reached number one in the UK charts dance . However, disappeared from the commercial scene until 2011, when he returned to publish POW (2011 ) and began to use a variety of social media to interact with their fans. Bizzle is using YouTube , Twitter , Facebook, its official website and application remain Dench public relations tools to help promote your music , make ( Stay Dench ) , property and last but not least contact consumers . Using these tools have achieved market Bizzle extending beyond listening to urban music in the UK and dance.

Practices Online PR allow people to not necessarily be part of a public elementary artist to see what they do and what it is , in many cases, this often leads a person to want to know more about this artist in time you can leave it to a new fan / consumer.

EDM urban industry and people do not always see many artists are commercially , but he sees its artists remain in the underground kingdom . This should no longer be the case and it is because we now have access to online PR .

PR online music service is that urban artists and EDM must operate. As mentioned before the Online PR allows musicians to reach a much wider audience than if you were using traditional methods of online PR , often only Target Media main audience for this particular artist interacts . Online PR is what I like to call proactive , allowing you to go out and get the music artist or product seen by your audience can be anyone directly . Once you have visibility online , it will be open to artists from a wide range of possibilities that will benefit from your support. PR ‘s online eliminates waiting around is usually related to online PR to send press releases to journalists and bloggers who may or may not come back to you .

Finally Online PR allows the artist or label to have more control over what is said about the artist and his work, but also allows you to become more engaged with fans from a remote location . In general , online PR is the way it is mobile with unlimited scope .

Urban Dubz Music Marketing Services UK and offline media and online in Europe. Our sole aim is to provide not expensive dance music pr and communication campaigns to create our dynamic results driven and work with ethical enthusiastic customers . We offer a range of competitive and affordable packages designed to suit your budget so if you are an unsigned artist or independent label with artists , we strive to bring you the best possible results. We are one of the leading companies pr urban music in the UK. We adapt one estate strategy for public land if it really matters .

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