The life of a dancer

The life of a dancer is not easy! It is full of challenges that push to the limit sometimes you think or decide to stop. The life of a dancer depends dance studio and performance. One should practice dancing every day for at least five hours to do a little time on stage later the same day. A dancer must stay fit and in shape to run every dance step and finish everything properly and dancing. A dancer always strives for perfection and consistency in their profession.

A dancer begins training at an early age, around seven to fourteen years. Then, it takes years of continuous education, class and practice to improve the ability to make any kind of movement of dance and dance levels are to be achieved to reach the highest level which is the professional level. And this level is more difficult, since a dancer must maintain its ability to dance at the best possible quality in order to keep his job as a dancer in dance companies. The only way to get into dance companies through dance auditions. And it becomes very difficult for any dancer who wants to be accepted into a dance company, he auditioned for, and you need to stand out among the others who are auditioning with him. Most of the time, the number of dancers audition in a business is fifty percent of a company agrees to five dancers. And the rest have to look for other opportunities to dance there.

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