The most popular movies of all time horror

Horror films are designed to frighten and panic, to invoke our hidden worst fears , often in a terrifying end of shocking. The first Gothic horror films are – which means that usually set in spooky old mansions , castles, dark dark places .

The main character in these films were supernatural creatures , man “unknown ” as vampires , demons , ghosts , monsters , demons, evil spirits , werewolves to the invisible presence of evil. The first horror film , was only about two minutes long created by French filmmaker Georges Méliès “Castillo del Diablo” (Le Manoir du Diable ) ( 1896), which contained elements of vampire movies later.

The most influential early films was ” The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari ” ( Das Kabinet of Doktor Cligari ) ( 1919 ) Silent classic German expressionist landmark . In early 1900 the German film Der Golem is the first horror film on the subject that has been a great success . Universal Studios in the early 1930s created a modern genre and brought in hit movies like “Dracula” , “Frankenstein ” and ” The Mummy ” screen.

In horror films of the late 50s became much bloodier than the technical side of filmmaking has become cheaper. The early 60s saw the release of two films that bridge the gap between subject and viewer. One was “Peeping Tom ” and the other ” Psycho ” , two movies instead of the current human use rather than supernatural monsters to scare the public .

” The Exorcist ” ( 1973 ) broke all records for a horror film in 1975 after “Jaws ” became the highest grossing film ever. The horror films oriented irony and parody criticism squarely in the 1990s when teenagers in “Scream ” often refers to the history of the horror film .

There is the argument that horror films are socially and morally irresponsible , and even influence some people to imitate the brutal methods of the murderers of the screen.

Anyway horror movies have the opposite effect on normal people – sick minds committed crimes anyway. When you look at horror movies that we find our secret fears , share them with other viewers and eliminate terrorism in dealing with it.

But if you’re a movie buff , or maybe you’re too scared to see a horror movie , so it may be the right solution for you. Why not turn on the computer and look for some online horror games ?

Believe me, you will be surprised by what you find. There are many scary games , horror , fear for those that are not too scary. So choosing the right one for you and enjoy playing .

Or if you are a movie lover to go ahead and take a troll through these favorite movies of all time . If you happen to hear sounds such as whispering, or sad sounds , just do not pay attention to it . It’s probably just the wind .

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