The ten most romantic actresses

10 Ingrid Bergman

The Swedish-born actress “Casablanca ” helped set the tone for the style of the 1940s . She is known for wearing smart suits , pencil skirts and lavish costumes . Bergman added his own personality to the eyes, put all pants tailored pea .

9 Grace Kelly

In 1950 , all eyes were on Grace Kelly. Accounts with stylish coats and pretty dresses , “Dial M for Murder ” and stars “Window” 1950 defined elegance and balance . The world has been dragged through the fairytale wedding of Prince of Monaco. In 2010, the Victoria and Albert Museum presents an exhibition of clothing and accessories that cover the beginning of Kelly’s life in Philadelphia for his princesshood .

8 Elizabeth Taylor

The ” Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ” and ” Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? ” Sparkling violet eyes set Actress glamor , appearing in diamonds, tiaras, and boots in the 1950s . Always a trendsetter , was photographed with turbans and cloaks in the 1960s .

Vivien Leigh in July

Best known for her role as Blanche DuBois in ” A Streetcar Named Desire ,” Vivian Leigh kissed accessories. Since the 1930s , romantic eyes were highlighted with pearls , gloves, pins , hats and elegant.

6 Natalie Wood

The “Miracle on 34th Street” , ” Splendor in the Grass ” and ” Rebel Without a Cause actress ” impeccably dressed in the 1950s . Easy transition style 1960s, often seen in colorful prints .

Rita Hayworth 5

A leader known for ” Gilda” and Lady ” The Strawberry Blonde , ” Rita Hayworth is an image of glamor in 1940. With a curvaceous figure and unforgettable red hair , style, included Hayworth pinup girl dressed in sumptuous red gold and black .

4 Marilyn Monroe

Permanently set the sexy dress, the iconic Marilyn Monroe gave women permission to embrace curves . The “Some Like It Hot” and beauty of confidence, ” Seven Year Itch” with pencil skirts and cashmere sweaters while bright red lips and a beauty mark sports .

Brigitte Bardot 3

A French model, singer and actress Brigitte Bardot was a leader of loving romantic style in the 1960s . Even if she returned activism public view in the 1970s , Bardot has given us permission to look gingham bikinis and elegant necklines burst.

Twiggy 2

With exaggerated lashes and slender figure , the popular British model , singer and actress Twiggy became the face of the Swinging Sixties . The star of ” W ” and ” Blues Brothers” has become famous for her short boy cut and color, the androgynous style.

Audrey Hepburn 1

Graceful, elegant and very chic , Audrey Hepburn was the ultimate romantic movie icon , which gives us the little black dress as seen in ” Breakfast at Tiffany’s ” and ” Sabrina .” Hepburn praised her closets , custom suits and dresses , sunglasses and long gloves .

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