The young poisoner Guide – Best Picture to remember

We saw The Manual way the young poisoner back when it is open to the Angelika theater in 1995 , and was a pleasant experience. We had just moved to New York and see all the independent films as we could. Interestingly , when I took friends to see , some were a little uncomfortable after the movie wondering why I thought they would enjoy. Then we discovered crumb and not taken .

The Young Poisoner ‘s Guide is based on a real case of Graham Young, known as tea poisoner , who was responsible for the deaths of three people ( his stepmother in 1962 , and two colleagues in 1971 ) . But this is not a biopic , director Benjamin Ross felt the need to put a warning at the beginning of the film , taking care to point out that the murderer took his lethal substances . Young actually was obsessed with Nazism and wanted to go down in history as a serial murderer known in the film, Ross Young recasts as fundamental science nerd, fantasize about creating a huge diamond , and kill people in giant chemistry experiment .

Even knowing the story of Graham Young , dramatic tone is remarkable. He has the manners game Mike Leigh film (even throwing Ruth Sheen, high hopes and Vera Drake , stepmother unhappy) and merges with the camera style of comics that would not look out of place in an early Sam Raimi or the Coen brothers film . It is much more sophisticated, cinematically speaking , the kind of sinister neo – digital realism is probably how contemporary production would come to her . ( Or would have tried a little park / vacuum Paranoid Style Elephant – . Affect killing action) He has this feeling can make you feel for the man , even if you know what you are doing is wrong , but then started to crawl when you know that is really bad.

What is very interesting for us , now there is no way this film would do today . Interestingly, in the 90s , we have been more casual about the murder from a dream came just at that time also , and the people flocked to him in droves. It was also the time of Reservoir Dogs ( loved it) , the Shallow Grave bright and Pulp Fiction. This was the decade of murder is fun, but the young poisoner Guide struck much of the head, I think for most people .

Look again made ​​us realize how this film was , especially with the way the matter was dealt with . An important recommendation to remember this great indie film movement of the ’90s.

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