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Thor was one of the quietest films of marketing for blockbuster bonanza summer of 2011, so the expectations are not as high for this film Marvel, but entering a dropper gag such way. Not many viewers who expect a whole lot that makes the experience even more enjoyable. director Kenneth Branaugh is logical that many wondered why. When removing Thor never forget you have those doubts. If only I could have continued with the outcome, you know, it would have been much stronger.

The beauty of Thor is not taken too seriously or slightly, which is a very delicate balance to achieve. Thor is quite the handful of power on their own planet, and when it comes to our planet, which has the same attitude that makes it a lot of fun. Only one of the funniest moments in the movie is when Thor is stuck in a hospital and shout, You’re no match for the powerful … like he has stuck in the ass with a needle. This film easily open many doors for Hemsworth shows that it is more than just a pretty face and a body to match. You can continue in the field of action for a long time. Thor opened the door well for the film The Avengers which is a founding member.

Branaugh covered fifty years of history in the film, speeding along in 3D, and a great use of technology is done and they really enjoy. The film quickly begins a sequence of 30-minute Asgard, where we find all the great figures – Thor, his brother Loki with black hair (Tom Hiddleston), his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) – and the idea that these beings extraordinarily powerful were at war with a race of giant gel. And not only it has done with a straight face, but the exploration of the material, with extensive plans to follow through beautiful landscapes Asgard, is by far the biggest thing Marvel has attempted; this is fantastic on a cosmic scale. It recalls that 3D can be great fun when done well and deserves additional charge.

The story follows how Loki Thor speaks challenging his father to fight and defeat the giant frost, meaning it is sent to our planet. This sequence works very well and that brings in the great competition between siblings for the love of father and how even as a hero Thor can be crushed by a disappointed father. The relationship between Thor, Loki and Odin is pure Shakespeare, and in this sense, Kenneth Branaugh was the perfect director for this movie.

Hemsworth brings so much humility and humor to the mighty god of thunder when separated from his magic hammer, Mjolnir, which is what makes this job so well the film. He knows when to lighten up after a serious and heavy action of dramatic moments. Thor is on its own feet as a great independent film, even if it was not a strong opening to the Avengers movie.

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