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Peter Bjorn and John

In the world of music, for the year 2016 began with sadness. At the beginning of the second week of January, David Bowie died a few days after his 69th birthday.

The disappearance of other rock icons soon followed, as we lost Glenn Frey from the Eagles and Dale “Buffin” Griffin this month. Before the end of the year, fans had to say goodbye to Prince, Leon Russell and Paul Kantner, among others.

Fortunately, Bowie left us with a new studio album, which was released just before his death. Titled Black Star, the album certainly provides a bright light for the rest of 2016 for music aficionados.

Here are the top five albums that were released in 2016.

Breakin ‘Point by Peter, Bjorn and John

Contagious rhythms and so sweet tenor John Lennon combine to make this album, with the only Dominos, the best record of the year.

(White Album) Weezer

The power pop band returned to its heyday of the 90s with this delightful Grammy-nominated album, highlighted by the Beach Boys inspired Bummer endlessly.

Staying together by Kaiser Chiefs

Electronic rhythms have been added to the independent electric rock band, creating an impressive collection of songs at every stage of a relationship.

Search M. Proust by Jayhawks

The literary reference is appropriate when examining the poetic lyrics of this treasure of ten songs, including the ghosts of the old dead star.

Car title by Look Park

Chris Collingwood announced the death of Wayne Fuentes shortly after the release of this smart sonar collection, but his new group.

The good times of Monkees

Mickey, Mike and Peter are in great shape on this album of all the new material produced by Adam Schlesinger from sources Wayne, and even includes a song with the vocal song that was published in late Davy Jones.

Car title by Fitz and tantrums

Handclap was one of the biggest hits of the summer, and there are many more songs that lead you to kicking your feet as well.

Schmilco by Wilco

Jeff Tweedy, who launched Star Wars just last year, has created another collection of folk-rock songs even when I was a normal American child and kids.

Give an overview of what you are not for Dinosaur Jr.

The band’s first album in four years proved definitely worth the wait, pioneering simple instant classics like Tiny and Goin ‘Down.

The analgesics of Brian Fallon

Venturing away from his role as an analyst for The Gaslight Anthem, Fallon made this solo album that shines because of fantastic tracks like Mojo Hand.

Full Circle by Loretta Lynn

Twelve years after Jack White produced Van Lear Rose, Country Music Hall of Fame got John Carter Cash to help with this new Bach songs how to miss me who? And all the necessary duet with Elvis Costello.

Hope for Strumbellas

Spirits was the hottest single in the spring, and catapulted the Canadian folk-rock band into the US charts.

Bitter Suites Travis Bretzer

Anyone who wants a hard copy of these eleven new sweet songs needs a cassette player, because the tape is the only format available, in addition to a digital download.

Wonderful crazy night Elton John

The title track and tambourine are just two tracks that make this record a worthy album for the legendary pianist.

California by Blink 182

Nominated for a Grammy, the title is perfect for songs about cities like Los Angeles and San Diego.

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