Two forms of music can persuade

I doubt Cee Lo Green and John Lennon never met because Ceelo was 6 years old when the legendary Beatle died on December 8, 1980. The two traveled in very different worlds, not only personally but musically. However, taken together, provide an interesting commentary on the times we live in 1971, Lennon released the best-selling solo career single, “Imagine”, in which he asked the audience to imagine a world. “Nothing to kill or die for / And no religion too.” Year 2012 Ceelo sang the same song, but changed the last line “and all true religions.”

Hostility against the Church is not surprising. Jesus warned his disciples about this either before or Lennon or Ceelo arrived on the scene. What is surprising is the nonchalance with regard to God’s people must listen to artists who push these messages. Lennon fans were up in arms in response to some ceelo changes. But while these secular artists glorify a world without God and our Savior, both Christian men and women joyfully sing?

The fact is that, as human beings, we have to be very careful what we expose ourselves to. We love it when our music is fun, words of hope, and that makes us feel good. And secular music does a very good job overall. The problem is that when this happens, activate exactly the same mental pathways that marketers use to sell their products.

Psychologists have found that there are two main ways we can be sure. They call it the high road and the low development. When we use the high road development in response to an ad, we think long and hard about the arguments being made and whether or not our attitude about the change announcement builds on the strength of the argument. The problem for us is to go the route of the high development takes time and effort. There is work – and it is much easier not to think about it and take the path of development.

And this is what happens when we sing songs like “Imagine”. development under the persuasion, let’s totally unrelated like how the music makes us feel or our penchant for Morgan Freeman to convince us to believe that a message or buy a product things. That’s why companies hire celebrities to market their products. There are chances that the actress does not care what brand of yogurt we buy – but unless we stop to think about it, could simply buy the next brand of yogurt because we care about the actress.

When you reach the end, Paul knew what he was talking about when we ordered in Romans 12: 2 “Do not copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think . then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and acceptable and perfect. “

In any case, we will be affected when we listen to music. The choice is ours to hear messages that strengthen our relationship with God – or against demolished.

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