Unleashing Emotions Through Dance

Paco Pena and the flamenco dance company.

Dancing is inherent in all living things, the vortex of atoms and moving molecules of galaxies. If he thought while dancing. The simplest definition can give dance simply movement. For something to exist must have the movement or words of the great philosopher Alan Watts; resonance. Resonance is an echo and requires movement. Even what we commonly understand to be static stationary objects at a deeper level than movement. This simple movement could be considered a dance; In this context, dance is the interaction of subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, etc. All dance requires space – which is equivalent to saying that something moves, has a place to move. As a corollary of this movement produces sound or resonance. This is well documented in the Vedic literature that the universe is seen as a symphony of sounds produced by vibrations of energy. This omnipresent energy animates all things, since in reality all things; It gives birth to everything we see and feel the experience.

Dance, as is commonly believed, is expressive movement – and it is interesting to note the similarity of words to emotion and movement – or it could be said; Movement = emotion! Maybe that’s why dancing is creative by nature and can have a strong impact on how we feel and express. It also explains why dance is useful in therapy and can be used to convey the story as seen in the theater. Interestingly, our body language says much more than our words – by Ray L Birdwhistell who has done research in the 1970s named kinesis and context. In short, he discovered that more than half of our communication is expressed in our physiology; The rest of our tone and our words. This reminds me of the proverb:

Action is more than words!

This is perhaps the reason why dance is able to convey such a strong emotion and you can tell a story. Dance is also synonymous with music so they are almost dualistic in nature. Music is also making fun of exciting and stimulating or relaxing and introspective slow dancing. Music and dance have so much in common that separating them would be an arbitrary task. As with music, dance can also involve solo for group performance with some dance styles that are suitable for you and your partner, such as the swing or ballroom! Dancing is a wonderful form of expression and can be fluid, rhythmic or gesticulatory. It involves the movement of the legs and feet the fingers of the hands; Each of our exquisite all the extremes designed to allow a wide variety of movement styles. With our bodies so perfectly created to express this movement, we can release powerful emotions and, in turn, heal our bodies of tension, psychological burdens and repressed memories.

How does it work? What is the process that makes this possible cure?

In my opinion, it is two words of movement / emotion. Movement and dance allow us to explore emotion because when we move specifically, we invariably experience specific states. Altered states and a growing awareness by the intentional movement LED can be freed from the limitation of behavior patterns and if practiced regularly can create new physical connections in our neurology altering our perception of the world what we are and how we integrate.

With an art form as the use of words dance to describe it is like a Zen Zen student trying to explain. Basically, it can not be done; It must be experienced. Dance could very well be a Zen experience. The direct experience of oneself and reality, where the dancer is lost and only the dance remains. So ever feel weak or trapped in the negativity get in the swing and swing!

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