US actress Lisa Vidal

Lisa Vidal Cohen is a film and television actress. Born in New York June 13, 1965 the United States. She is the daughter of Vidal, a business consultant and tax and Josie, who is the secretary. Lisa’s parents moved from Puerto Rico and then settled in Manhattan, New York, birthplace of Lisa and her sisters Tanya and Christina. After primary school, Lisa hearing, and joined “High School of Performing Arts.” After graduating, he worked with Theatre Company Family with Julia Roberts and Raul Julia

When I was fourteen she appeared in the drama series called Oye Willie and then made his debut with a minor role in the delivery men. After that, he worked on TV shows like The Cosby Show. From 1994-1995 he worked as Carmen, a journalist in New York Undercover. In this series Lisa was the sister of Det. Eddie Torres (Michael DeLorenzo). In 1955, she appeared in The Commish and Off-Broadway. He also appeared in other series as in the 1998s, The Brian Benben Show, which appeared as Julie; 1999-2001, she appeared as Sarah Morales on Third Watch; 2001-2004, she appeared as Sandy Lopez on “ER”. She also had many leading roles in the film High Incident 1996 and 2001, the division, for which she won Best Actress for ALMA Awards. In 2006, he had a small role in the television series American action Smith in which he appeared as one of the federal agents looking Ray Liotta criminal group. She also appeared in the new television series on NBC The Event (the TV show) and Christina Martinez.

Birth Name: Lisa Cohen
Height: 5. 3 inches
Born: June 13, 1965
Age: 45
Location: New York, United States

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