Why Edward Cullen is so attractive

Edward Cullen

I’m in love with Edward Cullen. Deeply, madly in love. When I say that to people, they think I mean Robert Pattison, but I do not think so. I mean, Robert Pattison is a handsome boy, but he’s only human. Edward, however, is a vampire: powerful, restrained and immortal. And yes, I know it’s a fiction, but I’m still in love. Here is why.

He is the last bad boy.

I admit openly, I always had something for the bad guys. I only like the guys I can not move and who know their own minds. I think Edward is the archetype of that.

Edward Cullen has moderation.

This is something that many modern men lack, but Edward has it in mind. After all, what characterizes the restriction rather than not eating your primary source of food. You can see the passion and desire he has for Bella, and yet … he stays at bay (that is, he does not eat it).

It’s beautiful.

The character played by Robert Pattison is almost perfect in physical beauty. Edward Cullen is so beautiful. From his glowing skin to his incredible strength (and sculpted muscles), he is an excellent example of how the perfect man is.

He has defects.

As perfect as Edward Cullen, he is not too perfect. He has flaws, although he tries hard not to let them show. Maybe his biggest mistake is that he can not stay away from Bella, even if it’s his biggest weakness.

Yes, I’m in love with Edward Cullen. I have to remember that he is not a real person …

Are you a fan of Edward Cullen?

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