Why write movie reviews about new and old movies?

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Critics write reviews of movies. Well, you can too. Often, many people just go through movie reviews were written by critics. Just because they come first, even before the movie is released. But, many times, people wait to see the movies before the first weekend. Your opinion can help many users decide which movies to watch.

Writing movie reviews in old movies also helps viewers decide what to watch. Actually, no one wants to rely on a 50-year written test on Lawrence of Arabia. Not only has the time changed, but also politics, the field of attention and taste. So write a new review of the movie in an old movie can be useful.

If you try to write about new movies, but you think your comments will not be read, you’re wrong. Often people do not trust the critics. They like to see what real people have to say about a movie they really want to see. While written, brief and to the point, it could help persuade the masses. Many movie review sites actually accept other comments after the release of the movie. People love fresh content. If anyone is interested in going to the new movie “Pirates”, they would rather read an article written yesterday by someone who wrote the opinion on the date of publication. This is of course a person who really wants to see the movie, you’ll probably love it, instead of you, you did not know if you did not love it and wrote a more recent review.

Writing reviews on unfamiliar movies also helps people to influence or at least leads them to what interests them. For example, this is what drove in Donnie Darko fame. Many critics and moviegoers had not seen the movie until the evaluators began the praise. As and when the momentum, more people had checked.

Your critics do not have to be well written, they should not be long. But you should comment on all your favorite movies or less favorite. If you chose to write reviews of movies or old movies, or help the cause of movies in general. And who knows – the next unknown film may become the next cult classic.

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