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Writing a novel, video scripts, and the bar of a movie are entertaining. Writing a novel based on existing movie script is not the most common approach writers choose to take. It goes against the way it normally works. Many entertainment novels have been adapted for the screen by screenwriters. Sometimes it works and other times, the people who read the novel are disappointed by the film.

I found myself saying: “I thought the novel was much better” and sometimes I think the film was good or even better than the book it was adapted from I love writing scripts,. producing and directing films. Provides a touch of creativity to see he had an idea for a movie actually happened and not be the person who is always talking about making a movie, but never take action to move before.

Almost everyone in the entertainment industry knows someone who speaks an idea of the film was hot, but never wrote the screenplay. They can write a detailed treatment of the film and does not go further than that. End of story. Nobody likes to see himself as the person who never goes completely his idea. The tables were turned on me lately.

I was with friends will not think of anything else to a deeper level or business. I just wanted to relax and enjoy the moment of what was happening as it came. As page script in a bar scene in a movie I have to carry that person who always shows a way for you know who will yakking about something. In this case, it was his concept of hot movie, who had also participated in years. There is never a script or the final treatment, only the ideas that come to you like a machine gun. What if this? What if that?

The beats courtesy rudeness. I shot straight to her I could not afford the time and energy to write a script of specifications and build on it will come to get the money to produce it pay me later. We’ve known for years, but in a very informal way. Recovery occurred when she reminded me that over the years have always spoken like writing a novel and I have not done. If I told him about my dreams novelist grass, I can not imagine how many times I have told family and close friends over the years.

She was right. I had not done and spoken. Write short fiction has been my transition to screenwriting, but I skipped something I’ve always wanted to do – write a novel. Finally committed to completing a novel that is based on a script I wrote called Crazy Love story that fell on production. Writing a novel is a different process that took getting used to.

The biggest difference for me as a filmmaker is the level of lucid description is needed to attract readers and paint a picture in your mind. With movies people see cheek story visually. Viewers can see what looks like a character and location. In the novels of the writer should be able to describe in words only world they have created. Writing a novel based on existing movie script is not the most common approach writers choose to take. At least that height will be when finally does stop talking and finish the job of writing a novel. This is a filmmaker and aspiring novelist Sid Kali typing FADE OUT

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